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Are you an amateur cyclist seeking torment? We have the answer!

May 30, 2022

Are you an enthusiastic amateur cyclist who needs to feel the pain? Who doesn’t like riding on the flat? In that case, you now have a unique opportunity to indulge in the suffering arising from the contact between cycling shoes and pedals. SAZKA Tour Challenge for the public takes place on 6th August ahead of the main peloton of the prestigious stage race. It will be exactly 12 kilometres long and with climb up to Dlouhé stráně, the altitude gain is 800 metres. You can register using the following link. The number of participants is limited, so register now, or you might be disappointed.  

Register here.

But train well, it will be purgatory, and you will probably have to drain all your reserves of strength. It is just climbing, so it will give you a first-hand taste of how the best riders in the world suffer when riding the alpine peaks during the Tour de France or other Grand Tour races; your thighs will ache almost constantly.   

“We want to give amateur cyclists the opportunity to experience the pain of cycling uphill. They will experience a steep climb, and be able to compare themselves with the other amateurs, and against the best riders in the main peloton. They will see the difficulty of the race from close up and will probably share a lot of the same pain,” says Leopold König, a former elite Czech cyclist and now the director of Sazka Tour. The total grant for the amateur race is 30,000 crowns. The men’s winner collects 10,000, the prize moneay are the same for best woman.

The start is in Loucna nad Desnou and leads to a shelter at the Dlouhá stráně reservior. The route travels through a reserve that is home to about 150 large game in unspoilt countryside. However, you won't have time to admire the scenery. 

Good luck!


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