4.–7. 8. 2022
UCI Europe Tour

State-of-the-art technology for a safer race

Jul 30, 2021

SAZKA Tour is going a step further to ensure race safety. For the first time in Central Europe, with the exception of World Tour races, new illuminated safety equipment will be applied in practice. Illuminated digital panels display to the racers (and also the accompanying cars and motorbikes) track hazards such as traffic islands, road narrowing, roundabouts, and also how to get around them. An agreement was made with Norwegian company Safe Cycling, which on each stage of the SAZKA Tour will install 10 safety illuminated signs at the less predictable parts of the track that cannot be avoided on the roads.

At the moment they are switching from the Tour de France design to the SAZKA Tour visuals.

The SAZKA Tour takes maximum care about rider safety.


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